Regular Boilers – Your Boiler Won’t Cause Concern in New Home Builds

Moving home is a testing time. Fitting out that home is a test of your patience, nothing ever seems to go quite as planned, if you project manage the build yourself then be prepared for delays, and if you contract in a specialist be prepared to fork out, and again be prepared for delays.

Whether you make it into your new home by the winter or not, you need to plan the fit out of your home with the weather in mind. No matter what the weather an essential fit in your new abode will be a boiler system to provide not only the source of heat for your heating system, but the hot water for your taps. A regular boiler should see you right in most instances.
The regular boiler is the boiler that meets the energy saving demands of the new home build regulations. The regular boiler coming in conventional and traditional form. It comes with its own storage system eliminating the requirement for an add on water storage system as necessary with the heat only boiler. This plus however, limits the versatility in placement of the regular boiler in your home, and as you create the plans for your new home build you should make your decision in conjuction with expert advice that is available to you at as to the location of your regular boiler placement.
That is if you choose to go with the regular boiler, based on its efficiency in supplying your water and heating demads. The regular boiler is a tried and trusted means of heating homes that is now in use in the bulk of UK homes although this is changing with advancements in boiler system design beyond that offered by the regular boiler.
The regular boiler works by taking water from the cold water cistern. The water that is fed into its storage unit copper cylinder (A ladding jacket will further improve the energy conservation in the hot water storage.) This water then has heat applied to it at regular intervals, and the regular boiler maintains the temperature according to your specifics, ready for use at any time.
Regular boilers are increasingly becoming known as condensor boilers, the new norm in boiler design, these regular boilers apply a double use system to the heat generated, and thereby limit energy wastage. They capture heat that would otherwise be lost, and reuse it to keep the stored water heated throughout the day. Certainly it will use a little more energy than a heat to demand system, but it is the ability of the regular boiler to provide a consistent supply of warm water without any variance in the water flow from your taps that has made the regular boiler, the go to boiler in meeting the heat and hot water obligations of the bulk of homes and businesses.
If this is your first build, and the trials and tribs of managing are causing your mental wealth to decay, give the team at a call, they will leverage their immense experience, pitting it against your needs, and help to inform you if a regular boiler is really the boiler type you need. So too if you choose to go with this firm for the sourcing of the regular boiler or otherwise, there are currently large savings to be made by going with them in conjunction with British Gas as your energy supplier thereby improving upon your mental and your financial wealth.

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