What Does High Efficiency Boilers Mean?

One of the most popular questions asked of the Boilers Sale team is what exactly does the term high efficiency mean and is there any point using it, given that all boilers appear to have that title these days.

High efficiency refers to the condensing technology which is used in almost every boiler these days. It effectively means that both opportunities to get heat from the combustion process are taken, which means that the energy is completely exploited. Heat is extracted from the original combustion and then from the exhaust gases, creating a very efficient process which reaches levels of 85% to over 100% utilization of the fuel.

Tom Bradford, Managing Director of Boilers Sale, says:
High efficiency is almost a misnomer these days. Indeed, you’d be surprised if a boiler wasn’t equipped with that technology and for most installations in the UK, building regulations now insist on these sort of boilers. Back when it first came out, high efficiency technology was a great leap forward in boiler design and operation, and it allowed manufacturers to reach the sort of levels demanded by the Government to help meet emissions standards.

“It’s ironic that such a leap forward was based on a simple idea of taking heat from the exhaust gases. The question for boiler manufacturers, is where is the next step up in efficiency going to come from? That is the next big challenge.”

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