Vokera Boilers

Established more than 30 years ago, Vokera markets its impressive range of domestic boilers across the UK and Ireland. It’s a leading heating brand, with an impressive portfolio ranging from gas boilers to solar thermal collectors. It aims to continue its journey in innovation and technology and provide customers with reliable and energy efficient products.

All it’s boiler range has been designed with lifetime reliability, ease of operation and simple installation in mind. This gives them their market leading edge which helps them deliver warmth to thousands of UK customers.

Vokera makes three types of boiler:

The Vokera range of domestic boilers are superbly matched to the heating needs of all home owners.

  • Combi Boilers

    vokera-boiler-tabimageCombi Boilers are best suited to small and medium sized properties, although some of the more advanced storage models are able to now cope with larger hot water capacities. A Combination Boiler produces both hot water for the taps and the central heating system on demand, and they differ from the more traditional Regular Boilers. Vokera produces six ranges of Combi Boilers:

    • Linea HE High – SEDBUK A Rated
    • Unica HE Mid – SEDBUK A Rated
    • Unica BHE Mid – SEDBUK A Rated
    • Compact A – SEDBUK A Rated
    • Compact HE – SEDBUK B Rated
    • Linea Max HE – SEDBUK B Rated
  • System Boilers

    vokera-boiler-tabimageThe Mynute HE range of boilers are available in six heating outputs: 12kW, 15kW, 20kW, 25kW, 30kW and 35kW. All have extremely high modulations ratios, meaning they are able to operate at maximum fuel efficiency.

    System Boilers have a number of advantages, including their size (complete with integrated components) and they form part of a sealed central heating system which makes them highly efficient at quickly warming rooms. Unlike Combi Boilers, they make use of a hot water cylinder for storage. Vokera makes one type of System Boiler:

    • Mynute HE – SEDBUK A Rated
  • Open Vent Boilers

    vokera-boiler-tabimageThe Mynute VHE range comes in three models (Mynute 12VHE, Mynute 15VHE and Mynute 20VHE), each with varying heat outputs of 12.64kW, 15.74kW and 21.16kW.

    Open Vent Boilers are designed to provide hot water for the central heating system which is then stored in the hot water cylinder, for later use by the hot water taps as well. Unlike Combination Boilers, they do require more kit, including a hot water cylinder and two tanks in the loft. Vokera manufacturer one type of open vent boiler:

    • Mynute VHE – SEDBUK A Rated