Viessmann Boilers – Reliable and Cost Effective

The Viessmann company has been around for almost 100 years, and in that time they have comfortably established themselves as one of the leading manufacturers of heating systems and related equipment. They have agents in most European countries, and is proud to be able to sell their products. Viessmann boilers are known for containing innovative developments that provide the excellent efficiency that today’s consumers demand, coupled with great reliability. It’s surprising how many manufacturers manage to achieve one but not the other, but Veissmanns give their customers the best of both.

As you might expect, the current range of Viessmann boilers gives you a choice of gas, oil and wood fired boilers, so there is something to suit the preference of every customer and the property the boiler is to be installed in. Regardless of the fuel type used, there is a range of power outputs that can provide heating and hot water for everything from small homes to residential complexes and industrial units, even including large commercial operations.

Residential customers wanting buy a Viessmann boiler these days will probably be looking at combi boilers, as these offer the highest efficiency at the best price. All are A-rated in efficiency terms, and can be fitted either as part of new build properties or retro-fitted into existing buildings and systems. A choice is also offered between floor standing and wall mounted boilers, allowing the customer the best possible use of space in their home. However, it should be remembered that any combi boiler will require additional pipework to drain out the condensation and a heat exchanger on an outside wall, so if space is at a premium or the property is a ‘character’ property which can only have traditional fixtures then this type of boiler may not be suitable. If that is the case, then Viessmann have suitable alternatives in their other ranges.

One of the things that really makes all Viessmann boilers stand out is the guarantee that comes with every one. As standard, they offer a comprehensive 5 year warranty that covers parts and labour, giving peace of mind to all customers. For anyone buying the combi version of their boiler, a ten year guarantee is also provided on the heat exchanger which is designed to be self cleaning, therefore reducing the maintenance required and increasing the lifespan. offers for sale the full range of Viessmann boilers, among others. If you are considering buying one, or just want to find out about which boilers type would suit your needs best, they are able to offer advice and assistance in coming to a decision. They also frequently feature offers and deals, such as a trade in policy if you are wanting to replace an old boiler.

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