Trianco Boilers

Trianco’s history dates as far back as 1850’s, and today it offers a wide range of boilers and heating products. Most of its boilers including the EuroStar range are SEDBUK A Band rated – the highest efficiency boiler rating. Trianco prides itself on its impressive portfolio, and customers can expect top performance and great value.

Most of its products are still manufactured in South Yorkshire, where its roots are. Aside from a large range of boiler types, the company also provides renewable energy solutions including heat pumps.

Trianco boilers are arranged into a number of product ranges:

trianco-boiler-tabimageAll are SEDBUK A, or B rated. Some can be internal wall mounted, others external, and some can be floor mounted. Each of the boilers uses high efficiency condensing boiler technology, which means that they make maximum use of the energy created not only in the combustion process, but also in the exhaust fumes process. Two heat exchangers are needed to capture and process the heat from both combustion and exhaust.

For anyone looking for an oil-fired boiler, Trianco has the solution.

  • Contractor Kitchen 50/90/100/125 – SEDBUK B Rated
  • Contractor Systems 50/90 – SEDBUK B Rated
  • Contractor External 50/90 – SEDBUK B Rated
  • Eurostar Eurotrader 50/90/100/125 – SEDBUK A Rated
  • Contractor Internal Wall Mounted – SEDBUK B Rated
  • Eurostar Kitchen 50/90/100/125 – SEDBUK A/B Rated
  • Contractor Utility 190/220 – SEDBUK B Rated
  • Contractor External Wall Mounted – SEDBUK B Rated
  • Eurostar External 50/90/100/125 – SEDBUK A Rated
  • Eurostar Systems 50/90 – SEDBUK A Rated
  • Contractor Internal Combi – SEDBUK A Rated
  • Eurostar Utility Model – SEDBUK A Rated
  • Contractor External Combi 110 – SEDBUK B Rated