Saunier Boilers

Saunier Duval offers a range of high efficiency condensing boilers which suit just about every heating requirement and property size. Most of its combi boiler range is SEDBUK A Band rated – the highest efficiency for boilers. This makes them both environmentally friendly and less costly to run.

The company has over 100 years of boiler manufacturing experience, and has brought warmth to thousands of homes with its reliable and high quality condensing and non-condensing boilers. It also develops renewable energy systems, like heat pumps.

Saunier Duval makes two types of boiler:

Having been around since 1907 and being a pioneer of UK combi boiler technology, Saunier Duval offers a top range of highly efficient boilers.

  • Combi Boilers

    saunier-boiler-tabimageCombi Boilers combine both the provision of hot water for the taps and for the central heating, on demand. They do not store hot water in a cylinder like Regular Boilers, but only heat the water when it is needed. Saunier Duval make four types of Combi Boiler, and most are SEDBUK A Band rated:

    • Thema CONDENS Range – SEDBUK A Rated
    • IsoTWIN CONDENS Range – SEDBUK A Rated
    • IsoFAST CONDENS Range – SEDBUK B Rated
    • Semia CONDENS Range – SEDBUK B Rated
  • System Boilers

    saunier-boiler-tabimageSystem Boilers are built with most of their components centrally integrated, meaning that they are a popular choice in properties which don’t have a lot of space to house the boiler. This makes them easier and cheaper to install than many Regular Boilers. And because they feature an active pump system, it means that the hot water is effectively and quickly circulated around the system. Saunier Duval makes one type of system boiler, and it is SEDBUK A Band rated:

    • Thema CONDENS Range – SEDBUK A Rated