Keston Boilers

Keston have been in the heating business since 1928, and have built up a strong reputation for manufacturing high quality domestic and commercial boilers. Its boilers are amongst the most efficient available today and they are known for their ease of installation in locations that would prove difficult for many other brands.

Keston’s boilers are built using state-of-the-art technology, providing users with complete reassurance of reliability and quality. Its boiler range start from a basic model with a low heating output, to a more complex and powerful type. Its New Energy Range offers renewable technology solutions including Solar thermal and heat pumps.

The main boilers in the Keston range are:

keston-boiler-tabimageAll are high efficient and rated SEBUK Band A – the highest boiler efficiency rating. This means they will cut your heating bills and are kinder to the planet. So if you are looking for some of the most efficient boilers that operate at the highest levels, then the Keston range is for you.

  • C40 Condensing Boiler – SEBUK A Rated
  • Qudos Condensing Boiler – SEDBUK A Rated
  • C36 Combi – SEDBUK A Rated
  • Qudos 37 – SEDBUK A Rated