Ideal Boilers

Ideal have been bringing warmth to UK homes for over 100 years. Its extensive range of boilers is guaranteed to suit just about any type of household. The company also specialises in renewable energy solutions like Solar Thermal and Air Source Heat Pumps.

Ideal make life easier for consumers by offering help and advice on which boiler is best suited for their home heating and hot water requirements. Their large range of boilers is designed to cater for all property types and sizes.

Ideal make three types of boiler:

Ideal in name, ideal in nature, reliability and performance.

  • Combination Boilers

    ideal-boiler-tabimageCombination Boilers don’t use an external hot water tank, as they heat water for the central heating system and the taps on demand. The hot water is only heated when needed; it is not stored and used later. These boilers are usually cheaper and easier to install. Ideal produce two types of Combi Boiler:

    • The Logic+
    • The Logic
  • System Boilers

    ideal-boiler-tabimageSystem Boilers are designed to operate within a sealer system. One that is pressurised and one that also makes use of a hot water storage tank, unlike Combination Boilers. Parts are usually integral to the boiler and a powerful pump ensures efficient hot water distribution throughout the system. Ideal manufacturer three types of System Boilers:

    • Logic+ System – SEDBUK A Rated
    • Logic System – SEDBUK A Rated
    • Istor HE – SEDBUK A Rated
  • Heat Only Boilers

    ideal-boiler-tabimageHeat Only Boilers, or Open Vent Boilers as they are also called, also make use of a hot water cylinder to store the heated water. Two tanks, usually situated in the loft, are there to supply water to the system, boiler and radiators. Ideal offer four types of Heat Only Boilers:

    • Logic+ Heat – SEDBUK A Rated
    • Logic Heat – SEDBUK A Rated
    • Mexico HE – SEDBUK A Rated
    • Imax – SEDBUK A Rated