Glow Worm Boilers

Glow Worm has been providing high quality home heating solutions since 1934, and has constantly been introducing new levels of energy efficiency which guarantee lower heating bills and carbon emissions. It is now a household boiler name, making it a popular choice for many homes.

It’s Ultracom hxi boiler took the Which? Best Buy Award in 2010. It gained the most votes for consumer product satisfaction and Glow Worm was the boiler manufacturer most consumers would recommend to a friend.

Glow-worm makes four types of boilers:

People who choose a Glow-worm boiler can rest assured that they are selecting a manufacturer with the reputation for quality products.

  • Combination Boilers

    gw-boiler-tabimageCombination Boilers provide both the heat for the hot water taps and for the central heating system on demand, and do not store hot water in a hot water cylinder tank for later use. They are more suited to small to medium sized properties, but generally cost less to run and install than many Regular Boilers. Glow Worm make four types of Combi Boiler:

    • Ultracom2 cxi – SEDBUK A Rated
    • Flexicom cx – SEDBUK A Rated
    • Xtramax HE – SEDBUK A Rated
    • Betacom c – SEDBUK B Rated
  • Open Vent Boilers

    gw-boiler-tabimageOpen Vent Boilers are more commonly known as Heat Only Boilers. The system is open (not sealed) and a hot water tank is used to store the hot water for later use by the taps, or central heating system. It is primarily used in larger properties where the demand for hot water is greater, maybe from a number of bathrooms. Glow-worm manufactures two types of Open Vent boiler:

    • Ultracom hxi – SEDBUK A Rated
    • Flexicom hx – SEDBUK A Rated
  • System Boilers

    gw-boiler-tabimageSystem Boilers operate within a sealed system. They are efficient not only because they distribute the hot water to where it’s needed quickly (via an advanced pump), but also because all the major components are generally inside the boiler itself. This also makes them cheaper and easier to install. Glow-worm makes two types of System Boilers:

    • Ultracom2 sxi – SEDBUK A Rated
    • Flexicom sx – SEDBUK A Rated
  • System Store Boilers

    gw-boiler-tabimageThe Ultrapower sxi has been specifically built for larger properties and comes in two sizes: 100 and 170 litres. It has an innovative storage system which has rapid reheat times. It also has combi back-up. It’s a powerful appliance, but one that can still fit inside an airing cupboard.

    System Store boilers are designed for larger properties and boast large hot water capacities. Glow-worm produces one System Store boiler:

    • Ultrapower sxi – SEDBUK A Rated