Boilers Sale: New Efficiency Ratings

Those thinking about getting a new boiler for their homes should bear in mind that the rating of domestic boilers will likely change in the autumn says a top boiler discount website.

Boilers Sale, which sets out to give the consumer the best deals when it comes to buying central heating equipment in the UK, warns that a new European Commission directive – known as EuP – will shortly go before the Regulatory body and is likely to become law by autumn, and will change how boilers are rated.

Currently, boilers in the UK market are rated by SEDBUK and this stands for the Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK. Boilers over 90% efficient (a high efficiency boiler) is given the best grade, A, and those over 86%, B. Most boilers now sold in the UK are to all intents and purposes, A rated, because this is what the latest Building Regulations stipulate. If the new EuP Directive comes into force, there will be two further grades for the latest, more efficient boilers, and will be rated A+ and A++.

Tom Bradford, Managing Director of Boilers Sale, says:

‘It won’t be apparent to the majority of boiler users, but the heating industry has fought tooth and nail with the European Commission who wanted to effectively downgrade most of the UK’s high efficiency, condensing boilers to the B grade. Instead, after much lobbying, the new two higher grades of A+ and A++ were introduced.’

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