Boilers Sale: Controversy Continues as MPs Back Shale Gas

The Boilers Sale team note that the controversy over the drilling for shale gas is continuing and now UK MPs have stepped in with their backing of the process.

Some shale gas exploration has gone ahead in the UK, but the Government, like its colleagues in France, is concerned that affected residents and environmental groups will win the day over claims that the process damages water courses and eco-structures. And the environmentalists are becoming vociferous in their opposition, not allowing the Government to give exploration companies the green flag they need.

The MPs – represented by a House of Commons Committee – admit that there are environmental concerns, but that the Government could do much to control the exploration companies, and ensure that water courses were not contaminated and emissions kept to a minimum.

Tom Bradford, Managing Director of Boilers Sale, says:- In theory the MPs are quite right of course, that shale gas exploration companies should be easy to control through tight legislation and plenty of on-the-ground supervision. But, how many times have the public been given such reassurances, only to find that the controlling processes have failed?

– In short, the environmentalists are not going to put away their banners and go home because the Government says trust us, we can ensure that nothing untoward happens to the land’s infrastructure.

– And the other issue is of course, that onshore shale gas exploration is only a small part of what’s needed to give this country stable supplies. Offshore shale gas exploration could have far bigger potential, but that carries with it another set of problems.

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