Boiler Type Guide

It might seem at first glance there is a bewildering choice of boilers, but it all depends on the type and size of your property, and the current building regulations. So don’t worry if there seem to be many types of boilers.
Use our helpful boiler guide to see which boiler is the best for your property.

There are four types of boilers:

  • Combi Boilers

    combi-bThe first type of boiler is the Combi Boiler and this is one of the most popular in use today. Combi refers to Combination and they are called that because they deliver hot water on demand (switching on the hot tap) and also the hot water for the central heating system. They are energy efficient and the system as a whole requires less space (no copper water tank is needed for example). More about combi boilers..

  • Regular Boilers

    regular-bThe Regular Boilers category includes those that are of a Condensing type, but are also known as ‘traditional’, or ‘conventional’. Most properties that are due for a boiler change have traditional boilers. And don’t worry about the word condensing. Although the technology has been around for some time, condensing systems have come into their own because they are the most efficient in today’s eco-conscious world. Building regulations state that if possible, the boiler must be a condensing type. More about regular boilers..

  • System Boilers

    system-bSystem Boilers are again mostly of the condensing type and are designed to provide hot water for the heating and the taps. And these boilers make full use of a copper cylinder in which to store the hot water. The great benefit of such systems is that because all the systems and components can effectively be built into the boiler itself, a lot of space can be saved when it comes to installation. More about system boilers..

  • Back Boilers

    Back Boilers are nowadays quite old fashioned, but in many properties, they are the only type of boiler that can be used. In basic terms, they sit behind the fire (hence the name) and provide the heat for the house’s heating system and hot water. Many cottages and terrace houses still have back boilers and where it would by physically impossible to install say a condensing boiler, the builder regulations allow them to be installed instead. More about back boilers..

So there are your four types of boilers. Now have a read through the various sections and see just what sort of boiler you need for your property.

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