Boilers Sale: Spring Time for Boilers

One of the top boiler discount websites is advising homeowners to use Spring as a great time to get their boiler checked out.

Boilers Sale, which offers some of the best prices for central heating equipment in the UK, recommends that the onset of milder weather should be a good opportunity for homeowners to get their boiler looked at by a professional heating engineer.

It also reminds homeowners that servicing a boiler is a job for the professionals only and is not a DIY task. Only those currently registered on the Gas Safe Register (and registered for the right type of work) with back-up photo ID, are allowed to work on gas appliances. And this is a legal obligation with stiff penalties for those that ignore the rules.

Tom Bradford, Managing Director of Boilers Sale, says:

Boilers should be serviced at least once a year and for those that have various cover plans with the major energy companies, they are usually obliged to have a yearly service. And the Spring is either a great time to get the service done, or get a further service carried out if the regular one is some months off. We’ve had two severe winters and the forecasters predict that more are on the way, despite worries about global warming.’

‘And during the winter the boiler has been stressed, working almost constantly and having to perform at the top of its range. So why wait until the autumn, or winter, to get it checked out? After a hard winter, it should be checked out as soon as possible.’

The Boilers Sale website offers discounts and great deals on a wide range of gas and oil boilers. All of its gas boilers are the latest condensing technology models and manufactured by the UK’s leading companies.

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