Boiler Manufacturers in the UK

There are plenty of people who think that a boiler is just a boiler, and that they are all pretty much the same. As it happens, there is a much bigger range of boilers than you probably think, with products from about 17 major boiler manufacturers available in the UK alone, and between them they cover all the requirements of every type of domestic property. Some of the boiler manufacturers are household names and have been for decades, companies such as Worcester Bosch, Baxi, and Valiant. Others are relatively new to the UK scene (although they may still have a long European history) but have quickly got themselves a reputation for quality, or style, or value, and the one that you choose will be a matter of balancing various elements like cost, performance and design.

While all of the boiler manufacturers offer combi models, some are also able to provide regular boilers, system boilers, and heat only or open vent boilers, so whatever type you need there will be a decent choice for you. Within each type though, the general designs and principles are the same and you’ll find that the differences are really between the additional features. For example, some models of combi boiler will boast the use of advanced materials and designs in their heat exchange units, which reduce the maintenance and increase the working life of the boiler. Others will have advanced programming controls, that allow you to set different central heating routines for different days, and still others claim to learn your needs and adapt their behaviour accordingly.

Aside from the features, you’ll probably also be pleased to find that the outward appearances can vary considerably, particularly if you are comparing them to the old-fashioned boilers that always looked slightly out of place and a little bit too big. Today’s boiler manufacturers understand that a boiler has to be unobtrusive and fit in with the rest of the house, so they’ve taken great pains to reduce sizes and make them a bit easier on the eye. If that’s something you are concerned about, then one of the manufacturers who are heavily into modern designs and up to date style is Biasi. Their clean lines and attractive styling have certainly made their mark in the UK, and other manufacturers are now starting to follow suit.

Whichever boiler manufacturer you prefer, you should always be guided by the needs of you and your property a boiler can look good, or be cheap, or efficient, but if it doesn’t meet your needs, or fit into your property, then it’s an expensive mistake. If you aren’t sure what you need, then you can ask for expert guidance from the people at