Boiler Insurance & You

When we buy something, especially when it’s an expensive item like a new boiler, we demand that it is reliable and high quality with a design that gives it a good long lifespan. However, we sometimes find that there are failures and breakdowns, often caused by things outside our control or the control of the manufacturers, so we end up having to repair or replace the boiler much sooner than we’d planned to. This is ok if you have plenty of cash handy and can afford to do it, but for the majority of people this just isn’t possible and they look to guard against the risk of expensive repairs by taking out boiler insurance.

Although the risk of failure of a boiler or other parts of the central heating system is low, that doesn’t help when it’s the middle of winter and you need repairs or replacement quickly. A number of policies are therefore available which will put you back in the position of having a working heating system quickly without having to put your own hand in your pocket. The list below gives some ideas of the types of cover you can go for.

Emergency Repair

Although not strictly an insurance product as you don’t pay a regular fee for it, this is a useful one to know about. Some companies like British Gas offer this, and if you have an emergency all you need to do is call them and they’ll quote a price for the fix. Once you agree, they’ll make an appointment to get you sorted as soon as possible.

Boiler only

As the name suggests, this insures your boiler and its controls against the need for repair. It typically costs a few pounds per month, and as the boiler is likely to be the most expensive part of your central heating system it makes sense to have at least this level of cover.

Central Heating

This covers both you boiler and your central heating system, so you can be sure that wherever the fault is you can get it fixed. It is only slightly more expensive than the boiler only cover.

Boiler & Service

Some policies combine boiler cover with an annual service. This gives you peace of mind as you know the boiler is properly maintained and likely to last much longer as a result. Some insurers also allow you to extend these policies to cover your central heating system too, and even plumbing and drains.

If you are contemplating taking out boiler insurance, then it is worth talking to a few people to work out what is right for you. have advisors who can help you through the decision making process.