Boiler Brand Guide

The great thing when it’s comes to buying a new boiler, whether it’s a replacement for an existing one, or for a new build, is that there are so many makes and models to choose from.

In fact you would be hard pressed to not find a boiler type, size or design to meet your exact requirements – thanks to the many boiler manufacturers in the market.

There are four main boiler types; each with a slightly different job, but all have the same aim of providing heating and hot water for your home. Combi Boilers might nowadays be the most popular, but Regular Boilers remain the most prevalent. System Boilers are beginning to take hold, given their obvious advantages and Heat Only boilers (Open Vent) will always have a role.

Each of the main UK boiler brands – and there are around 17 main players in the market today – manufacture Combi Boilers. Some also make other types, with some specialising in output sizes and some focusing on design features.

Anyone considering a new one for their home must look for a high efficient one; that is a SEDBUK rated A, or B band boiler. These will cut energy wastage and heating costs.

Other key factors include output sizes, which determine central heating output depending on the size of your property. Boilers for small properties for instance will be rated around 12kW upwards, whereas larger boilers for bigger properties will be 50kW and more.

But at all times be guided by your installer. Your home – in terms of its size, number of rooms, number of bathrooms etc – dictates the size of boiler needed. Once the type and output are calculated, you then have to consider performance, reliability and design.