Back Boilers

back-boilersThe Back Boiler has been around for ages, and will continue to be used for the next few decades. Modern ones are designed and built using the latest in boiler technology, which puts them on par with Regular Boilers. They generally sit in the chimney breast and are usually heated by a gas fire.

Back Boilers can still be heated by solid fuels, although unlike the gas models, they will only provide heat when the fire is lit. They can provide more than adequate heat for both the central heating and hot water, and are increasingly efficient.

And because many properties still have to have a back boiler installed, they are exempt from some of today’s building regulations. Terrace houses, or cottages that cannot fit a modern Condensing Boiler for example, are allowed to replace their back boiler with a newer model.

Because a modern condensing boiler requires extra pipe work to drain the liquid off generated by the secondary heat exchanger, they are not always suitable for a dated property. And mainly because of this, the Back Boiler has got a new lease of life.

Back Boilers can cope with the demands of many households, providing enough water for the heating and to cope with a number of hot taps being used at the same time.

They are also good for saving space. Although they require a tank in the loft and a cylinder in say an airing cupboard, there is no need for space to be taken up in the kitchen with a boiler.

For a look at some of the best Back Boilers available on the market today, see Baxi Boilers.