Back Boilers vs. Heat Only Boilers

When it comes to replacing an older heating system, or even installing one in a property that has managed to avoid being modernised up to now, you might find your options are limited. It could be that there isn’t much space to play with, or you can’t find something that suits the character of the property, or you just need something that meets your budget. If you find your choice is down to back boilers vs heat only boilers, read on to find out a little bit more about each and hopefully you’ll be able to come to a decision.

Back Boilers are the original boilers, and were found in many homes when central heating was first developed. These days, you aren’t allowed to install them in new developments, but there are some exemptions that allow them to be installed in other houses. They are usually placed in the chimney, where they could be fitted without taking up valuable living space, and although they originally took their heat from solid fuel fires these days you are more likely to find them behind gas fires, which means you can also put any front you like on them. They are relatively old technology and because of this they aren’t as efficient as other types, though technology has improved in the last few years and made them more efficient than they were, and they are also very reliable. The simple design of back boilers also makes them easy to maintain and repair. They provide good flow rates for hot water, and even a small system will allow you to run a couple of taps and keep the heating going without any pause. You will need to make sure you have space for the cold water tank and the hot water storage tank.

Heat only boilers (also known as regular or conventional boilers) are the most commonly found boilers in today’s houses. These have a large boiler, usually found in the kitchen, two water storage tanks to feed the central heating and domestic hot water, and a hot water storage tank. Because of this, they take up more space than any other system. As the water is heated up and then kept warm in the storage tank, they offer the advantage of making lots of hot water available quickly. They are also more efficient than back boilers, although maintenance isn’t quite as straightforward and they require regular servicing to ensure best performance.

Whichever side you come down on when deciding between back boilers vs heat only boilers, can you offer you a wide choice. They are also able to provide advice as needed, so if you still aren’t sure feel free to give them a call.