Back Boilers, Bring them Back in Confidence

Some homes just can’t take a conventional modern boiler system, but where the modern is inaccessible, a technology of old having been revitalised with efficiencies, can be the old school option you need.

Back Boilers are one such old school option, they can be heated by a range of means, including a range, the flames can be your fuel for a home’s inner warmth.

The fireplace too, and you will find that Back Boilers do a great job in harnessing energy that would otherwise be lost, harnessing it into a homes inner warmth. It will not surprise you to learn that there are downsides to Back Boilers too, in that if they are to be heated by such means then there will only be hot water available when the fire is alight, meaning that there will be a limitation placed upon you and your family in attempting to live the ‘touch of a button’ lifestyle.

This is an unfortunate reality as other boiler technologies rely on either the consistent application of heat or timely infusions of heat in order to maintain the water temperature. Back Boilers when heating at the point of the chimney flume are lacking in this ability.

If you are weighing up your options on what would suit your new home build best however, you would be wrong if you did not go to the experts at Harsh words but indeed they are the right people to go to unless of course you too are an expert in Back Boilers maintenance, have worked with every boiler type in Christendom, and are an expert boiler and home heating installer.

These are the people who are on your side when you need to put in place a home heating unit (Back Boilers or otherwise,) they know because they have done and seen, and you can rely on their experience to determine if Back Boilers are indeed your old school best option.

Back Boilers are indeed an old technology, but they are not a complete dinosaur, in fact there have been umpteen adaptations to Back Boilers to set them efficient to the point where they can be allowed into certain home types. Of course they are not the first choice of the building regulators, but in their adequacy they can be placed with confidence into all manner of homes with minimal concerns. Modern homes have their own heating system recommendations as standard, for everything else there can be a little give and take in making a decision of this type.

Whatever route you choose ensure that it is done with the help of the experts available at