Energy Prices Set For Huge Rise

The Boilers Sale team is concerned about media reports that energy prices are due to increase by between 10% and 15%.

It has been predicted that gas and electricity suppliers would dramatically increase their prices over the coming months as they struggled to cope with their own increasing costs. And the blame for this latest round of price hikes is being laid firmly at the door of City speculators. Read more

Vaillant Boilers – High Efficiency Boilers

As one of the leaders within the heating industry, Vaillant are known for supplying highly reliable boilers to homes throughout the UK. As a company which has been running for more than 135 years, Vaillant are highly experienced in meeting the needs of their customers, and knowing exactly what standard people expect from their heating systems. As such, Vaillant Boilers are highly efficient, and available in many different types and models. Read more

Is Wood The Answer?

As oil, gas and electricity continue to rise in price terms, one of the largest online suppliers of boilers and general heating equipment, is asking whether wood is the way to go for many people.

The Boilers Sale website offers discounts on a whole range of heating equipment supplies and is constantly asked about the validity of wood as a major source of fuel for the UK. Read more

Boilers Sale Team Welcome New Energy Rules

The team behind the Boilers Sale website welcomes the news that the energy companies must now notify their customers 30 days in advance before they raise prices.

It has just been announced that Ofgem, the energy industry regulator, has kicked out the old rules which allowed the companies to tell their customers about price rises within 65 working days of the price rising. This two month period was there so that once customers were given notice about the price increase, they had some 20 days to switch suppliers. Now, under the new rules, they can switch suppliers before the rise becomes effective. Read more

Boilers Sale: Cut The VAT Campaign Support

The Boilers Sale website, one of the largest online suppliers of heating equipment, is supporting the heating industry’s Cut The VAT Campaign and encourages all of its customers to do the same.

The campaign has green credentials, in that the VAT cut would be only on high efficiency boiler installations, plus systems for passive heat recovery from flues. Read more

What to expect from Biasi Boilers

Biasi is a company which is well known for providing heating related products which are of high quality and reliability. Starting in 1990, Biasi have continued to grow in the heating market, providing products which help to set the standard in performance and lead the way in innovation. As one of the leading suppliers to the heating industry, Biasi are ISO9001 accredited and comply with the standard regulations permitted for heating companies. Biasi supply many different products, including Biasi boilers, which are available in various types and models. Read more

Boilers Sale: Keep On Top Of Product Developments

One of the UK’s largest online sellers of heating equipment including boilers and radiators, is advising its customers to keep up-to-date with developments in the industry.

Products are currently changing so quickly, that a failure to keep up to speed with what the industry has to offer the homeowner could, the team behind the Boilers Sale website believes, have a detrimental effect upon people’s wallets. Read more

Types of Gas Boilers

Boilers can be quite confusing, as there are so many makes and types to choose from. One aspect you will need to consider when looking for a boiler is not only the initial cost of the boiler, but the energy efficiency and reliability are also highly important. Gas boilers are types which can help reduce your carbon footprint, and improve efficiency. Most gas boilers have a SEDBUK rating of ‘A’ or ‘B’, which shows that they are highly efficient. They can also help you to save money on your bills. There are various types of gas boilers to choose from, depending on your needs. Read more

Boilers Sale: Spring Time Means Boiler Time

As the better weather comes, The Boilers Sale website is reminding their customers that when it comes to spring cleaning, the boiler must not be touched and in no way, can it be seen as a DIY job.

Only an engineer who has a current listing on the Gas Safe Register can actually work on a boiler and there’s no excuse for not knowing that. Transgressors can face hefty fines, or even imprisonment, if they carry out work from which they are banned. Read more