The Element of Surprise

The postman knocks round to number 32, he dishes out his dose of misery; the paper trail of consumption. Bills, whether you have the skills to pay your bills with ease, or whether you are struggling to meet the ever rising costs of living, there is no shame in being frugal, and consumption of electricity is a key area you can get a handle on in your home to minimise bills.

There are a number of merits to heating systems powered by Electric Boilers, for one you will never find yourself lacking unexpectedly with an empty oil tank, left with nothing to fuel your family’s warmth, for another it is an increasingly efficient means of heating your home, the hot water supply arriving on demand, when you need, when you want, as you like it. Read more

Condensing boilers Double the Output, Half the Input

Fuel efficiency is much lauded in the now. There was a time when fuel was cheap and economies built their empire based on the productivity they could amass from cheap fuel. Limited supply has led to the end of cheap availability, now more than ever innovations in boiler technology such as increasingly advanced Condensing Boilers are pushing the clock back on peak oil, minimising consumption to allow the world time to develop a preferential means of fuel for our energy output requirements.

Condensing Boilers are energy efficient based upon their double use of heat energy, there is negligible wastage with this kind of home heating device, oil and gas condensing boilers are the most popular with new building codes requiring that the bulk of all new home builds and home upgrades to at least look into Condensing Boilers as being the installed boiler of choice. Read more

Back Boilers, Bring them Back in Confidence

Some homes just can’t take a conventional modern boiler system, but where the modern is inaccessible, a technology of old having been revitalised with efficiencies, can be the old school option you need.

Back Boilers are one such old school option, they can be heated by a range of means, including a range, the flames can be your fuel for a home’s inner warmth. Read more

Ariston Boilers – Safe Boilers for your home

Where there is fuel and combustion, there is danger. You can stay a stranger to this danger however when you make a boiler decision for your home the Ariston Boilers way.

Ariston Boilers have decided to pull out all of the stops with the meeting of the strictest safety criteria in their boiler builds, so you will never need to worry about safety in your home. Automatic shutoffs have been implemented; fail safes that never fail to keep you and yours safe. Read more

Saunier Boilers Features and Benefits

Saunier Boilers have been pioneering heating solutions since 1907, and nowadays you can expect an extensive range of boiler models in their portfolio. In particular, they have a high quality range of combination boilers.

Saunier Boilers – features and benefits of the Saunier combination boilers

Saunier Duval have been supplying heating products to customers since 1907, ensuring products are always highly reliable and constantly meet and exceed expectations. As part of the well known, Vaillant Group, Saunier provide an array of different types and models of boilers. If you want to get the best out of your Saunier Boilers, check out the features and benefits of some of the models within the range of combination boilers available. Read more

What Does High Efficiency Boilers Mean?

One of the most popular questions asked of the Boilers Sale team is what exactly does the term high efficiency mean and is there any point using it, given that all boilers appear to have that title these days.

High efficiency refers to the condensing technology which is used in almost every boiler these days. It effectively means that both opportunities to get heat from the combustion process are taken, which means that the energy is completely exploited. Heat is extracted from the original combustion and then from the exhaust gases, creating a very efficient process which reaches levels of 85% to over 100% utilization of the fuel. Read more

Boilers Sale: Controversy Continues as MPs Back Shale Gas

The Boilers Sale team note that the controversy over the drilling for shale gas is continuing and now UK MPs have stepped in with their backing of the process.

Some shale gas exploration has gone ahead in the UK, but the Government, like its colleagues in France, is concerned that affected residents and environmental groups will win the day over claims that the process damages water courses and eco-structures. And the environmentalists are becoming vociferous in their opposition, not allowing the Government to give exploration companies the green flag they need. Read more

Finding the best gas boilers

It can be difficult to find the perfect boiler, particularly if you are unsure which will best suit your home. Gas boilers are just one of the types of boilers you can choose from, and they come in the forms of combi, regular and system varieties. Gas boilers can be found by reliable companies such as Vaillant, Potterton, Worcester, Alpha, Baxi and Glow Worm. Some of the best gas boilers to look out for, are listed below. Read more

Suppliers of Back Boilers

Back boilers are those which are hidden behind your chimney, and allow you to use water from more than one tap at the same time. These boilers are reliable, but will take up quite a lot of room on your home. There are many reputable companies which supply back boilers, some of which are detailed below. Read more